Seth Greenberg has carved out a national voice as a college basketball analyst for ESPN, but he remains a Hackensack guy at heart. The 1978 Fairleigh Dickinson University grad does a lot behind the scenes for his alma mater, and today he’s going the extra mile.

Greenberg convinced ESPN’s celebrated College GameDay crew to do a virtual show as part of FDU’s homecoming tonight from 6:30-7:30.

“They were 100 percent supportive,” Greenberg said via phone. “I joked that there’s only eight College GameDays a year (for basketball) and we’ve added a ninth at FDU, who would have thunk it?”

The idea grew from a talk Greenberg gave to business-school students earlier this fall.

“We started talking about the different ways we could help the university in these difficult times,” he said.

The coronavirus pandemic’s fallout is hitting colleges hard as enrollment falls and safety costs rise. Athletic departments everywhere are feeling the pinch, and that’s doubly true at a place like Fairleigh Dickinson, which doesn’t reap the windfall from a Big Ten or Big East television contract.

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